There are many ways you can support our work at the Bois Gentil Crèche and help preserve the population of great spotted kiwi in New Zealand.


We welcome volunteers and are grateful for your support. Whether you live in New Zealand or are team from overseas, please contact New Zealand Conservation Volunteers (NZCV) if you are able to lend us a hand.


We occasionally organise open days, which double as educational and fundraising events. Please email us if you would like to know when the next one will take place.


For a once in a lifetime experience, we have put together a day visit including a scenic flight leaving from Wanaka. All details can be found here. Please call Freephone 0508 4FLYING (4359464) for more information and to book. Please note that trips are weather dependent and subject to confirmation with our rangers.


Rangi Kipa Charms Leading contemporary Maori artist Rangi Kipa has created a series of charms, with a percentage of profits donated to the Bois Gentil Crèche. The exclusive designs feature in a series of six wine charms, necklace and earring sets handmade in New Zealand.

Koa Chocolates (n Happiness in Maori) are exquisite Belgium milk chocolates, handmade in New Zealand. Their signature Mānuka honey flavour is a must-try. With profits going to the Bois Gentil Crèche, you can indulge in some of New Zealand finest chocolates whilst supporting the work of the kiwi crèche. Shop here:

The Bois Gentil Crèche was set up and continues to operate with the backing of Belgian entrepreneur and philanthropist Luc Bohyn. 


If you would like to make a financial contribution to the Bois Gentil kiwi crèche, please email us